Solid–State Drives

Solid–state–disk–based cloud hosting servers

All our shared web hosting machines feature solid–state drives instead of traditional HDDs. Solid–state disks boast faster read & write speeds, which means that your web sites will load so much faster. No additional web site modifications are required.

With the outstanding connectivity options offered by all our cloud web hosting Data Center Facilities, your site will begin working faster the moment you host it with us.

Data Backups

Your site content could be recovered at any moment

No website is normally protected against hacker attacks. Your site might be affected even by unintentional content deletion on your end. With our backup service, we will easily retrieve your website content anytime. In addition to the routine server backups that we’re creating, you can yourself create manual back–up copies of your site content with one click of the mouse through the File Manager, which is integrated into your Web Control Panel. Simply make a compressed archive of the folder(s) you wish to manually back up and put it in a location of your preference.


A safe web application firewall software

All our shared web hosting packs include ModSecurity automatically. ModSecurity is a compact–sized Apache module that does a superb job – it functions as a web app firewall program, efficiently safeguarding your website against hacker attacks. What is even more everything takes place momentarily, without you needing to modify or tweak anything. Your sites will be safe the very moment you choose to host them with us.

Remote MySQL Access

Remotely connect to your MySQL database

Generally, a database could only be accessed by web sites that are created in exactly the same hosting account as the database. But with our quick and user–friendly Remote MySQL feature, you will be able to enable database access to some other hostname. This can be quite helpful in case you run several shopping portals and would like to share a customer database across each one of them.

Free Templates

More than one hundred totally free layouts integrated in the web hosting Control Panel

Are you looking for a brand new template for your Wordpress personal diary? Do you need a new fresh layout for your Joomla web site? You’ll be able to pick from 100+ free web layouts straight from inside the Portland Support Web Control Panel. Just select the site skin of your choosing and install it on your web site with a simple click. Your brand new site will be set up with its very own special design in a matter of minutes. And you won’t even need to navigate away from your hosting Control Panel!

File Manager

A drag–and–drop user interface

Working with the File Manager located in the Web Control Panel feels the same as working with your own desktop computer file system. You can upload a file or folder onto our hosting server or in reverse with a simple drag ’n’ drop action. What’s more, you may create, delete, move, rename and copy files & folders with just a mouse click. The code editor and the WYSIWYG editor will make it possible for you to edit your files from inside the hosting Control Panel. If you require help, you can watch the integrated educational video tutorials.

Web Stats

Control Panel–integrated site stats

From your Web Control Panel, you can both control and keep an eye on your web sites. Each and every shared web hosting deal offers a bunch of statistics tools, which you will see in the Web Statistics Manager section of your Control Panel. You can use the popular Webalizer and AWStats software tools or make use of our recently created in–depth stats tool, which boasts a time and effort saving web analytics graphical user interface. With Portland Support, you can find in–depth info related to your site’s traffic and visitors right in your web hosting Control Panel.

Service Scalability

A cloud web hosting service that grows together with your web site’s demands

Our custom–created shared web hosting platform enables your web sites to expand just as much as you like them to. Scalability is guaranteed because all services are handled by a couple of servers rather than one. This way, you will be able to use as many of the allotted resources as you’d like but you will never be affected by server load troubles or slow maintenance procedures. In addition, you will be able to upgrade your web hosting pack with extra services or move to a more feature-rich web hosting plan whenever you need to.

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