Webmail is a software application that allows you to work with an email account online via a browser and without setting up the account in a PC e-mail client like Microsoft Outlook or perhaps Apple Mail. This makes it possible to use your e-mails from any location or any personal computer if you are not able to use your personal computer - if you are on vacation and you visit an Internet cafe, for instance. Webmail clients usually do not offer as many possibilities as a common desktop client, but they still offer you lots of options, like sending and receiving emails, setting up custom signature and using address books. If you create an email address in a desktop computer program, you have to use the IMAP protocol during the process for those who like to see all emails later using webmail, because the online client cannot show e-mails from your PC if they have been already downloaded using the POP mail protocol.

Webmail RoundCube in Shared Web Hosting

Our Linux shared web hosting packages offer a cutting-edge webmail application named Roundcube, which will give you more or less all capabilities of a regular email application. You have access to it straight from an Internet browser by entering your email address and password or through the Hepsia Hosting Control Panel. Taking into consideration the features that Roundcube incorporates, you are able to work with it as an addition to an email app or as a standalone application. In case you host an enterprise Internet site and the workers use webmail, you could have the app using a custom-made URL with the organization domain in a few simple steps. With a number of clicks you can also create folders, customize the time zone in accordance to your location, create an address book or configure unique identities for any given e-mail address.