If you are a site owner, a problem can always emerge and it does not automatically have to be related to the hosting service itself. For example, something could go wrong when you update a script or some important content could be edited or erased by mistake. No matter what the essence of the problem is, you’ll have to touch base with the respective customer support team and request them to restore a backup or to help you resolve the problem that you’re experiencing. How timely they will do that will predetermine the period of time that your websites will be inaccessible. For given websites such as community portals or web stores, a continued outage interval too often means lost users and cash. Having said that, it is of critical importance that you use the services of a web hosting company that offers not only a good tech support service, but also a well-timed one.

One-Hour Response Guarantee in Shared Web Hosting

Our guaranteed maximum response time for any support ticket that you submit or any e-mail that you send is just 1 hour, even if you contact us on weekends and national holidays. Whatever the nature of your problem or question might be, we’ll lend you a hand instantly and will give you the required info to fix any problem with your sites. The real reply time typically doesn’t exceed 15 to 20 minutes, which implies that you can forget about waiting for hours and hours on end to get a problem resolved or even worse than that – waiting around a whole day only to get a response that more info is necessary whilst nothing is resolved. We’ll offer you assistance without any delay purely because we are aware of how invaluable time can be in the dynamic electronic world. The one-hour response time guarantee applies to any billing or technical inquiry that you may have associated with our Linux shared web hosting packages.