Despite the development of social networks and IM, email messages are still the most popular method of correspondence in business relationships. They're also used by site guests to contact the administrator or for personal purposes if you need to keep some info emailed by some friend for future use. The e-mail service is far more than simply exchanging messages - it features forwarding, filters, autoresponders, mailing lists, and so on, that is why it will be practical if you can take care of all of these things easily and intuitively. A nifty application that offers you easy access to numerous functions can save you time and it can make the handling of your e-mail correspondence an enjoyment, not a chore. In this way, you're able to concentrate on the particular content of your email messages, instead of wasting time to perform small system tasks from hidden menus.

Advanced E-mail Manager in Shared Web Hosting

The custom Hepsia website hosting Control Panel, that is included with every single shared web hosting plan that we offer, was made to help make everything simple even for people who have never taken care of a website or an email address before. It features a sophisticated, still very easy to work with Email Manager tool where you'll be able to gain access to any function you need with only a few clicks. With quick access buttons and right-click context menus you'll be able to do nearly everything - create or delete a mailbox, forward all the email messages to a different email, enable SPF and anti-spam protection, set-up a catch-all mailbox, and a lot more. Webmail accessibility and downloadable auto-configuration files for the most used e-mail clients (Apple Mail, Outlook, Thunderbird) are available in the Email Manager area of Hepsia.